Tampa Sports and Recreation

Tampa Sports and RecreationGo Tampa Go! Whether you're a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan or a golfer wanting to turn pro, the sunshine state is the hottest place for you to enjoy exciting sports and recreational activities. We've taken you to the stadiums, parks, and, of course, to the Gulf, the River and shore. We're sure you'll agree, our list is a touch down!


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Pro Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
What football lover could resist seeing a Super Bowl caliber team play? Join thousands of fans to cheer on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, called simply the "Bucs" by aficionados, winners of the XXXVII Super Bowl. Enjoy time with friends and family, munch on snacks and delight in one of America's favorite sports.

Address: 1 Buccaneer Place, Tampa, FL 33607 - Map
Phone: (813) 879-BUCS
Web: www.buccaneers.com

Tampa Bay Rays
Take the family out to the ball game. Take them out for some fun. Buy them some peanuts and cracker jacks and watch the Tampa Bay Rays run! There is nothing more exciting or American than watching baseball, and with a new look and a new stadium, watching this sports team makes for a great day at the park.

Address: 1 Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg Tropicana Field
St. Petersburg, FL - Map
Phone: (727) 825-3137
Web: www.tampabay.rays.mlb.com

Tampa Bay Lightning
Nothing is more exciting than professional ice hockey. The sound of bodies on the boards, the swoosh of skates on the ice and the roar of the announcer shouting "GOAL!" are second only to an exciting ice brawl. Join the Tampa Bay Lightning for a fight and maybe a hockey game will break out!

Address: 1010 North WC Macinnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602 - Map
Phone: (813) 301-6500
Web: www.lightning.nhl.com

Tampa Bay Storm
Arena football is like roller derby on the field. Its fast, it's rough and it's exciting. Enjoy a cold one with friends as you watch the Tampa Bay Storm, winners of five Arena Bowl Championships, tear up the field. Perfect for football fans who just can't get enough of the storm and sports action packed entertainment.

Address: 1010 North WC Macinnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602 - Map
Phone: (813) 276-7300
Web: www.tampabaystorm.com


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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Lettuce Lake Park
Luscious topical foliage, amazing ecosystems and a hard wood forest line the many boardwalks that make up Tampa's beautiful Lettuce Lake Park. Whether biking, strolling or hiking, Lettuce Lake is the perfect venue for exploration, recreation and fun. Bring a picnic, toss a few burgers on the grill and commune with nature.

Address: 6920 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL 33637 - Map
Phone: (813) 987-6204
Web: www.hillsboroughcounty.org

Blake Trail
A walk along Tampa's Blake Trail offers views of the city's impressive skyline, the majestic river and a variety of family friendly activities. Its 12-foot wide, concrete trail winds along the west side of the Hillsborough River at Riverfront Park. Bring the family to enjoy a picnic, sports courts or a row on the river.

Address: Hillsborough River Greenway, 1001 N. Boulevard, Tampa, FL - Map
Phone: (813) 274-8211
Web: www.tampagov.net

Bayshore Boulevard links gorgeous South Tampa with downtown and boasts the world's longest sidewalk. View historic homes and modern architecture, and watch or join the countless walkers and joggers who enjoy the recreation that this remarkable path has to offer. You might even encounter a pirate or two as you go about your day.

Address: 312 Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa, FL - Map
Phone: (813) 274-8615
Web: www.tampagov.net


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Canoe Escape
Nothing is more invigorating than natural exercise and what better way to do just that than canoeing down a river. Canoe Escape takes friends and families to the water for some good old fashioned river time. Whether you opt to go it alone or take a guided tour, water sports fun is the order of the day.

Address: 9335 E. Fowler Avenue, Thonotosassa, FL 33592 - Map
Phone: (813) 986-2067
Web: www.canoeescape.com

International Waterport Rental
International Watersport Rental has outdoor lovers gliding along the water like a skater on ice. Exercise with a purpose or just come to play, when you learn the amazing sport of sculling. Enjoy a fabulous day rowing with friends and family or send the kids to a summer camp they will never forget.

Address: 7629 West Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607 - Map
Phone: (813) 294-7163

Stand-Up Paddleboarding by Urban Kai
Interested in something unique to do with family? Stand-Up Paddleboarding by Urban Kai brings smiles to the young and old. You don't have to be an athlete or a water sports expert to enjoy the fine art of paddleboarding and the staff at Urban Kai will patiently guide you and yours through a day of nature-filled entertainment.

Address: 2002 Dekle Ave., Unit D, Tampa, FL - Map
Phone: (813) 598-1634
Web: www.urbankai.com


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Plenty Of Thrills

Grand Prix Tampa
The whole family can feel like NASCAR drivers at the thrilling Grand Prix Tampa. Once you've mastered the track, cool off with a refreshing drink and grab a bite before you dash off to bowl, bat, or bungee your way around the many games and attractions offered for everyone.

Address: 14320 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613 - Map
Phone: (813) 977-6272
Web: www.grandprixtampa.com


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Watch it, Play it, Win it! Game Time, is Tampa's fun time sports bar hangout to scratch the pool table, flip a wrist and check out the flat-screen TV world-wide sports action. Their goal is to give you the most amazing stress-free zone to enjoy interactive games, enjoy drinks and food with friends, your goal should be to have the most amazing time!

Address: 1600 East 8th Ave., Tampa, FL 33605 - Map
Phone: (813) 241-9675
Web: www.gametimeplayers.com

Outback Pro-Am
The Outback Steakhouse puts the sizzle in their Outback Pro-Am professional and armature golf tournament. You'll enjoy watching Champion Tour professional golfers like John Cook and Larry Nelson conquer the green. While watching the tourney, you'll have a chance to catch a glimpse at celebrities like Kevin Costner and appreciate the contributions made to the millions raised for area charities. So get into the swing for a chip off the charity block and lots of Bermuda grass fun!

Address: 2202 N. Westshore Blvd., 5th Floor, Tampa, FL 33607 - Map
Phone: (813) 265-4653
Web: www.outbackproam.com

Fun Flats Fishing
Drop a line with Fun Flats Fishing! Spend a day fishing with Captain Mark and you'll be headed for the best fishing spots off the Tampa coastline. Experienced anglers and novice fishermen will enjoy fishing the beautiful back country flats for redfish, trout, snapper and Spanish mackerel. While on the water, you'll be able to spot dolphins and other marine life. All charters include the fishing license, custom rods and reels, and live bait and cold drinks.

Address: 8404 Boulder Place, Tampa, FL 33615 - Map
Phone: (813) 885-7333
Web: www.funflatsfishing.com